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Go Gorilla Trekking in the Virungas

Virunga Gorilla

The rising human populations in the world today have become a major threat to the survival of wildlife in their natural habitats and in the world today.And these increasing human numbers, have not only hindered settlement area for the animals and vegetation but also led to several destruction and deaths of flora and fauna. Among the most affected creatures we have the mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, lions, among others.

Since the establishment of their conservation project back in 1960’s by Dian Fossey of Rwanda, the mountain gorillas’ numbers that were nearing extinction in the world have gained back ground in the wild. And the most recent research shows a total of about 880 surviving mountain gorillas in the whole world today, restricted / limited to the Virunga regions of Africa.

Like other wild animals, mountain gorillas suffer a great threat from the increasing population densities and human activities like deforestation, civil wars like Congo, Northern Uganda etc., farming activities, settlement, construction, mining, factories and so many other related human works.

Mountain gorillas are confined to the montane and forest areas of the Virunga regions that is Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda, The Virunga National Park of The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mgahinga National Park of Uganda as well as The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. And are known to have picked settlement in very resource full land with fertile soils and rich in biodiversity lands thus attracting large numbers of human settlement and encroachment on the homesteads / sanctuaries.

The tourism sector however is not only boosting the economies of African countries but also the lives / safety of these endangered creatures.

Currently there’s a rise in the number of visitors flocking the African jungle for mountain gorilla trekking adventures, spending between one to three days (1 – 3 days) on this trip without considering any other tourist attractions, activities, and services that are usually provided by the game parks.

The National parks have quite a number of vast tourist adventures i.e. birding, chimpanzee and mountain gorilla tracking, forest nature walks, community visits, boat cruises and rides, fishing which are all amazing experiences with in the African Jungle. In the jungle, you can involve yourself in mountain / volcano climbing, hiking and cycling onDRC‘s active Nyiragongo volcano (with the world’s largest lava lake), Rwanda’s and Uganda’s extinct volcanoes (such as the snow-covered Mt. Karisimbi and the fluted peaks of Mt. Sabyinyo as well as the Rwenzori ranges). While in Rwanda and Uganda, you can also treat yourself to golden monkeys tracking (another highly endangered primate), and the memorial genocide sites in Rwanda are also worth a trip. Learn more about these other tour activities and services from your trip / tour operator.

Including other tourist attractions on your list of trip will very much help in the conservation and protection of mountain gorillas and animals of the wild. This is so because the income / revenue obtained from these other activities is used for several activities, i.e. payment of park rangers and guards, treatment of mountain gorillas, among others thus preserving and protecting the endangered creatures in their homes.


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