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10 Bad Driving Habits to Avoid in Rwanda


Renting a car in Rwanda is by far the best way to embark on a road trip. Every car rental agency has got its set terms and conditions or rather policies that every traveler should observe. However, most drivers including self-drive travelers have a tendency of insisting on some of the awful habits. For starters, self drive in Rwanda on a road trip is very easy and exciting although other road users tend to make everything seem difficult due to their bad driving habits.

At times, you will get surprised to see another car behind you and the person has not even indicated to you and on highways, most people simply start racing and they will want to overtake at a corner. To embark on a self-drive car hire Rwanda tour is more exciting, memorable but you have to be very keen while driving as most drivers tend to be reckless on the road.

Below are some of the risky things you need to avoid while on road trip in Uganda

Driving when you are drunk

Driving under influence of alcohol has become a common practice by road users today yet this puts you at risk. This doesn’t only affect your ability to react or make decisions but also may cost you based on road rules in Rwanda. At times, most solo travelers on self-drive trip in Rwanda think they are in a holiday and so drinking is a must do thing something that is very wrong. It is the worst thing anyone can think of and to be on safer side, you can do so at your respective lodge or hotel.

Ignoring traffic signs

Once someone hits the road, issues of traffic signs are totally ignored yet these play a significant role especially for your safety on road.

Not paying attention

Always be attentive and have a listening ear while on road trip in Rwanda. Make sure that you cross check your mirrors and any blind spots, traffic a head and around you. Be mindful of the pot holes when driving and ensure that you are never distracted in anyway.

Disregarding weather and road conditions

Before you embark on road trip in Rwanda be keen on weather and road conditions. In most cases, some weather conditions require you to drive slowly.

Not making the best use of indicators

Always remember the use of indicators or do not make the best use of them when it is already too late. Indicators are essential to make alert to other drivers.

Use of phones while driving

Everyone loves phones but do not get distracted by phone calls, texting. Put your full attention on your road trip and you will have the best of it.

Not putting on seat belts

To most road users, wearing a seat belt is at times looked at as crime but it is not. Wearing a seat belt is for your own safety on the road. Before you set off, remember to be on your seat belts.

Putting on high heel

This is a common vice with women but it is dangerous when you driving.  The best is for you to have flat shoes or else simply relax and let someone else to take on the wheel.

Do not over speed

Over speeding is against traffic laws of Rwanda and major cause of road accidents. Be mindful of the driving speed sign posts along the road and other road users.


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