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Beach Vacations in Africa

African Beach Holiday

Did you know that beach vacations in Africa can prove to be one of the greatest adventures? And specially, if you are in Kenya? Regarded among the top vacation spots in Africa, Kenya is often dubbed as family beach vacation destination, adventurous vacation spot, and kid vacation city. Beach vacations are at their best in Kenya’s Mombasa Island that is nestled in the southwest area breaking the north as well as the south mainlands. The island as the main town is pristinely situated between the south and north Kenyan mainlands and is linked via the Nyali bridge (north) as well as the likoni ferry channel (south).

Visitors prefer to enjoy the beach vacations at the southern Mombasa beaches, especially the ones at Diani that is a beach holiday Mecca. Set amidst the lush tropical forest and a few excellent beach hotels, Diani beaches are famous for a sole giant coral reef along the Indian Ocean shore. With the warmly calm turquoise waters, reef breaking the strong surf, and powdery white sands, it has become the hub of many relaxing activities too. And yes, a few beaches here are so remote that they offer much sought tranquility unlike the Mediterranean beaches.

In Diani, a majority of the hotels are 4- or 5-star properties that offer a variety of water sports on the beaches besides the luxurious facilities. There are also clubs, resorts, and sea lodges offering a plethora of water adventure sports. The most famous water sports here are beach volleyball, kite surfing in Kenya style, wind surfing, deep sea diving, wreck diving on the coast of Mombasa, snorkeling or goggling in marine national parks as well as coral gardens, kayaking, banana boats, jet skiing, beach parachuting, beach parasailing, and traditional sailing.

The beach hotels in Diani offers a plethora of facilities such as pool ball games, freeform fresh water swimming pools, air-conditioned rooms, room service, en suite bathrooms, children playgrounds and pools, conference facilities, valet services, cyber cafes, shopping arcades, and breathtaking tropical gardens with loungers and palms in manicured lawns. Above all, these beach hotels are the home of many diversely themed restaurants that offer the best African Culinary experience. You are free to choose from the European, African, Indian, Continental, and Chinese; the list is adequate to sample all the vast gourmet dishes while you are on week holiday.

Some of the best beach hotels in Diani are Alliance Africana Sea Lodge Kenya, Alliance Safari Beach Hotel, Alliance Jadini Beach Hotel, Baobab Beach Resort, Indian Ocean Beach Club, Diani Sea Resort, Leopard Beach Resort, Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort, and Neptune Paradise Village. Diani in Kenya is a vacation resort town that is fully serviced with a shopping centre handily nestled at the beach resort complex’s entrance, many malls as well as super markets offering supplies to the self catering travelers, banks, souvenir arcades, and gift shops for home items. And yes, there is also a tarmac road that leads one to each of the entrances of the hotels here.

Diani is certainly for those travelers who are seeking a relaxation beach holiday in Kenya. Others can think of a beach and bush excursion – combine Masai Mara of Kenya with the Diani beach vacation or the Tsavo (for lions that are man-eaters) with Diani.


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