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Renting a Car in Nigeria


Planning to rent a car in Nigeria soon? What should you know before booking your car rental in Nigeria? Here are some of the important tips and guidelines you need to have in your figure tips before you consider booking a car rental in Nigeria.

What is the affordable car hire agency or company in Nigeria?

There exist many rental car companies/agencies in Nigeria but ensure you make your own research to find out which one is relatively affordable. Prices vary from one car hire company to another and by looking at many of them, it helps you find out which one best suits you and offers car rental services at a pocket friendly rate. Well, we are a reliable, trustworthy and the best car hire agency in Nigeria offering the best car rental services within visitor pocket range. It is possible to find the best car rental deals with us at just $105/day. When considering to rent a car in Nigeria, the key factors to bear in mind are; the rates differ based on location you are hiring, length of your trip and the kind of the car hire you plan to rent.

Get to know what car hire agency in Nigeria has the many locations

Is Nigeria your dream travel destination? For any plans to go on a Nigeria safari holiday and you need to hire a car, choose car rental Nigeria your trusted car hire agency with several locations. There is possibility to access our car rental services at your destination airport or even within the city centres. While in Lagos, Nigeria’s most famous city, we are within visitor reach.

What side of the road can I follow when driving in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, people drive on the right. For visitors from other countries where people drive on the opposite side of the road usually find it challenging to get familiar with this more so those who hire cars for a period of their stay in Nigeria. Interestingly, our car rental services are available with experienced drivers who are familiar with routes and way of driving in Nigeria.

What is the state of roads in Nigeria?

Compared to most of the African states, Nigeria’s roads are of high quality. It has a road quality score of about 2.7 on a scale of 1-7 and 1 is considerably the lowest rated score. This places Nigeria at 125 of the 137 states for road conditions. However, the quality of roads may differ based on the destination you plan to visit.

Is there the driving and drinking limit in Nigeria?

Yes, Nigeria like other countries prohibits drinking and driving! There is 0.005% legal blood alcohol content limit in Nigeria. But it is advisable that you cross check with the regional/local city regulations as they may vary. You may realize this may differ depending on the age, if you are driving a commercial car or not, your driving experience and other significant factors. Ensure that you abide by the drink and drive limits so as not to be caught up with the law in Nigeria!

What is the most famous kind of car rental in Nigeria?

Nearly 27% of the travelers on visit in Nigeria prefer hiring an intermediate. But the rates differ depending on the location and car hire company. However, it is possible to rent an intermediate at US$112 Dollars per day.


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